My blogging manifesto: First Draft

By blogging, I’m hoping to get my writing going again. I suffer from perfectionism and procrastination, and the idea of keeping an online journal seems strange, at first. But I’m going to give it a try.

Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal? There’s something exciting about putting it out there, watching the words accumulate, and being brave. I also love the fun of playing around with the way it looks, the fonts, the colors. Right now, my blog seems like a new toy, rather than a blank notebook that seems to ask for either 1) whining about something that happened to me that day, or 2) beautiful, flowing scenes and characters that have popped out of my head, fully developed.

Topics remain open. I’m hoping this grows organically; that topics occur to me as I get this going. I plan to continue a writer’s notebook and start a topics list. I downloaded the document that WordPress has a great list of 365 blog topics. At the same time, I’m thinking my blog will organize itself around a few topics, some of which could include articles about writing, family and family history, books I’m reading, and seeds for essays. I might try out some fiction, but at the moment that doesn’t feel right here. Keep it to articles, project ideas and what I’ve learned about writing.

Connecting… At the moment, I’m not sure if I have an audience in mind. In fact, I feel I’m doing this more for myself than anyone out there in the blogosphere. Which may be strange, yet it makes sense to me. I want to explore with this blog right now, and think about what I’d like to do with it down the road.

Goals. I hope I can begin to gather content, nurture a writing habit, and have developed ideas for longer projects I’ll do offline. I’d like to write essays for publication, but I’m not going to worry about that now. Basically, I want to write more and allow myself a place to screw up, experiment, go off on tangents, and get my writing mojo back.



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