Billions of blogs

I loved it when Anne Frank immediately named the person she was writing to in her diary “Kitty.” Kitty was a girl very much like her; someone interested in boys, movie stars and books, as well as someone who would listen to her dreams and worries and complaints. I’m not sure if I can expect the undivided attention from any reader of my brand-new blog. I’m not sure I want to, in fact. When I started this, I said I was really writing for myself. I know that the first person I want to reach is me. Writing connects me with my true self, and it helps me to work things through, understand myself. I hope this isn’t navel gazing. I keep a paper journal, but there’s a difference between writing in there and writing on my blog. I can’t put my finger on it right now, but this would be something to consider for a future post.

But back to my audience, besides myself. I suppose  I am writing to a person out there who is nonjudgmental, patient and not a perfectionist. Someone who won’t give up on me if they disagree or grow tired of what I’m writing about. Who in the world would that be? Who doesn’t find enough online to read, and who doesn’t feel overwhelmed by input? Yet the futility of this project doesn’t bother me particularly.

When I think about the billions of blogs out there, it touches me. All those voices. All the individuals behind those blogs. We all want to communicate, to say “it,” whatever that might be. If I find one person in that constellation of people online who stumbles upon my blog and finds that connection, it’s kind of wonderful.

What was that E. M. Forster said?  “Only connect.”

That’s what I’m doing: connecting.

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