GailSally_33Hello, thanks for stopping by. My name is Gail Trowbridge, and I’m a freelance writer in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. I’m seeking to start a conversation with writers around the world.

First, about me. When I’m not working on editing and writing for my clients, I write fiction and nonfiction. I’ve published a few short stories in magazine and small press publications, but my personal projects always seem to take a back seat to my deadline work. That’s why I launched The Sketchy Scribbler.

The Sketchy Scribbler is an online writer’s notebook where I try out essay or memoir pieces in blog posts, share some things I’ve learned about creative writing, discuss problems and issues I’m facing with my writing projects, and talk about books I’m reading, especially those that challenge me as a writer. It may seem weird I’m not doing this in a notebook. Actually, I do keep a paper writer’s notebook; sometimes I have several going at once, but I’ve discovered there’s something interesting that happens when I write for a blog. It’s about the audience: I find I sit up straighter and try harder, knowing that what I’m writing just might be read.

My hope is for The Sketchy Scribbler to get out into the blogosphere, perhaps reaching a fellow writer or two who resonate with what I’m blogging about. Thanks for reading. Check back. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting.

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